Is an International Medical School the Right Choice for You?

Experts agree that pre-medical students can benefit from an international medical education. Learn more about what requirements must be met for obtaining a competitive residency in the U.S.

Is an International Medical School the Right Choice for You?

Experts agree that a talented pre-medical student can benefit from an international medical education. Hannah McGee, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, believes that any student who is eligible for medical school in general is a strong candidate for access to a good foreign medical school. Attending an international medical school can be a great opportunity to learn in a different environment. While many methods are considered universal, students should remember that patients' pathologies and conditions vary from place to place.

Going to an international school gives you a broader education, which can be beneficial in health-care jobs where doctors only know a few things. The UK has 32 medical schools, but its system is designed for students to start medical school right after high school. Some international medical schools provide scholarships to veterans, first-generation medical students, and aspiring doctors from underrepresented communities. California maintains a list of foreign medical schools that have been approved by the California Medical Board. For international medical students to be able to access federal student loans, their school's accrediting body must be recognized by the U.

S.Some international medical schools that do qualify for the USMLE do not allow work in all 50 states, specifically California, New York, Kansas, and 26% of Texas. International medical schools cost less than domestic ones, even though students learn the same amount of medical knowledge. In general, Caribbean medical schools tend to have a much lower graduation rate than medical schools in the United States. Choosing an international medical school that meets these five requirements can increase your chances of obtaining a competitive residency: each international accrediting body must also be recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME); the school must be approved by the California Medical Board; it must qualify for the USMLE; it must offer scholarships; and it must have a high graduation rate. A new study conducted by the BMJ has revealed that graduates of international medical schools perform better than those from U.

S.For students who want to pursue a different specialty, such as internal or family medicine, a Caribbean medical school could be a good option. Prospective doctors should check if the international medical school they are considering meets the eligibility requirements for the U. S. Finally, applicants to international medical school should examine the research opportunities and clinical rotations available to them at each institution to which they apply.

Some international medical schools may even offer rotations around the world, which may offer students the opportunity to gain clinical experience in another country. There are many Caribbean and international schools that offer an “American” medical education, but only a few are actually equipped to send you to a residence in the United States. Where you study medicine influences where you are going to obtain your residency, which basically affects the rest of your medical career. In conclusion, going to an international medical school can be beneficial for pre-medical students who want to gain a broader education and experience different cultures and environments. However, it is important to make sure that the school meets all of the requirements for obtaining a competitive residency in the U.


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